lunes, 12 de abril de 2010

Mexico. A kiss between reality and imagination

April 7th, 2010 07:45 by snowflake

I like to travel, always have. Everytime I come home from a trip, smiles, words and unexpected meets are what I remember the most. In other words people.

It's people that make a country special.

I've been in Mexico so many times. Only in my imagination? I don't know.

Anyway, all of a sudden these six Mexicans came across my way and brought me back to reality. My previous (imaginary? real?) journeys became images under my eyes.

And in my mouth... mmm, if you've never tried a chile en nogada, a visionary rainbow of tastes, colors and smells, you don't know what mexican art means beyond Frida Kahlo or Gabriel Orozco. A piece of art, baroque and classic at the same time.

++Mexico leaves you breathless with its wild landscapes. A field in the middle of nowhere also left Mon alone with her thoughts.

  • MON


    25-year-old girl, Mexico

    ++Mexico breathes art out of its walls. Miguel's skinny figure magically pops out of a mural, a piece of artwork painted directly on the wall.

    • Miguel Melo

      Miguel Melo

      18-year-old guy, Mexico

      ++Mexico explodes with joy all day long. Andrea's smile gets into you with the energy of an erupting vulcano.

      • Andrea


        18-year-old girl, Mexico

        ++Mexico enchantes you with interesting stories from its darkest corners. Something about Robert's bushy hair tells me he has a lot to share about his past.

        • Robert EuSkErA

          Robert EuSkErA

          26-year-old guy, Mexico

          ++Mexico makes you lose control for its moustache. You can judge yourself by looking at Jordan: mexican moustache doubtless make the difference. Jordan bravo

          • Jordan bravo

            Jordan bravo

            18-year-old guy, Mexico

            ++Mexico burns with irresistible passion. I simply can't resist at Sailesina's fire-red fleshy lips.

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moda capital dijo...

que bien, felicidades!

Bere TOT dijo...

pues claro! porque eres una de las mas bonitas y con mas estilo ;)

un beso!

Lizzy dijo...

Que bien!!! Congrats!!

Lucy dijo...

Que padre !!